Month: September 2021

How To Write To NTFS Drives In MacOS

As Windows’ default disk format, NTFS drives are probably the most common drive type in the world. The problem can be found when from a MAC computer we want to write to discs with NTFS format, which we cannot do directly since by default, the Mac hard drive is in Mac OS Plus format. MAC computers are capable of working with other formats such as FAT and exFAT since they are standard formats, but not the one used by Windows. Luckily, it is possible to find tools that allow us to work with NTFS read and write drives on Mac almost natively. This is the case with iBoysoft’s NTFS application for Mac. A simple tool to use and that will help us to solve this problem of incompatibilities.

What are NTFS disks?

Before we get down to business, let’s talk about the NTFS file system. It is a Windows NT system and is based on the IBM / Microsoft HPFS file system. Among its main characteristics we can highlight:

  • Supports large files.
  • Integrated file compression.
  • Supports names that are in Unicode. Use a b-tree directory to locate the grouped files.
  • Secure data on removable and fixed disk.

The disadvantage is that it is a system that requires a large amount of available disk space for its proper functioning.

NTFS for Mac from Iboysoft

Although in the market we can find different products that offer similar functionality, when testing the one offered by this company, we have realized that its use is very simple, obtaining very good results. It is only necessary to install the software, connect the NTFS disk to the Mac and the unit will be mounted automatically. From that moment you can write, copy, move or save files without any problem. From the company, a free version is offered for evaluation for seven days before deciding if it is the software we are looking for or not.

Main features of the software

Let’s see below the main features of the software.

Full access to NTFS drives

It is the perfect application in the event that you need to access an NTFS drive with the guarantee of being able to read and write the files that are on it. You will avoid major headaches to get access to them.

Mount NTFS drives in read-write or read-only mode

The software offers two different modes when it comes to mounting the NTFS drive. By default, it will mount it as read and write on your Mac. In case you want to protect the information that is inside it, you can choose the option that it is only in read mode. In this way we will avoid modifying or deleting important files.

Ease of sharing NTFS drives between Windows and Mac

Thanks to the use of this tool, it has never been easier to share NTFS drives between a Windows PC and a Mac. A simple, fluid and secure system, which guarantees an exchange without errors occurring during the process.

File management tool

In addition to an NTFS driver for Mac, the iBoysoft tool can be used as a file manager, allowing you to carry out tasks such as:

  • View disc information
  • Assembling and disassembling the unit
  • Check disk status
  • Erase the disk
  • Format the drive in the NTFS file system

So now you know, in case you want to work with NTFS files from your Mac computer, iBoysoft’s NTFS for Mac tool may be what you were looking for. What are you waiting to try it?

Learn To Protect Your Mobile This Summer

The summer months are the time of year in which a greater number of problems with the mobile usually occur. The time we are near the water of the pool or the beach, or the sand of the latter, influences the increase in breakdowns. To avoid this situation, it is important to keep in mind a series of tips that will help us avoid that our terminal suffers in summer.

Avoid the sun

In summer, the sun beats down hard. If our terminal is exposed directly to the sun for a long time, it can cause the mobile to stop working when the system overheats.

Beware of visits to the beach

Another aspect of summer that can be detrimental to our mobile is the Visits to the beach if we are not careful can make our terminal suffer due to the entrance of sand inside. To protect the mobile in these cases, it is best to have a tactile cover that allows us to use it without the need for the mobile to be exposed to sand.

Eye to the water

It is very normal that at some point it splashes into the terminals if we choose to take it on the beach or pool days. Touch covers are once again the best ally in this regard.

Back up

Although it is advisable to do it throughout the year, it will always be positive in the event that our phone suffers any mishap, to have an updated backup so as not to lose the valuable information on our mobile.

Care to avoid contagion

This summer, to the already normal precautions that we must take, the disinfection of the terminal is added to protect ourselves against COVID 19. Virucidal disinfectants are the best guarantee to eliminate pathogens that may be in the terminal. Ideally, with clean and disinfected hands, remove the dust from the phone and apply the antiseptic on the mobile with a non-abrasive cloth.